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Daylesford Visitor Information Centre

Daylesford Visitor Information Centre

98 Vincent St  Daylesford VIC 3460
9.00am – 5.00pm 7 days a week (Closed Christmas Day)

Ph (03) 5321 6123

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At Tree of Life House of Healing trained Spirit practitioners are on hand to administer blessing. Our team seeks to recapture the healing energy of the Christ to bring healing and restoration. Open Friday & Saturday 1-3 pm No charge & no appointment needed We offer 4 different modalities: Supernatural Healing, Divine Encounters, Spiritual Blessings and Dream Interpretation.
Tree of Life House of Healing
Tree of Life House of Healing

Address: 10 Vincent St, Daylesford VIC 3460
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Tel: 0448 490 680

Tree of Life House of Healing offers 4 different modalities. SUPERNATURAL HEALING: Our team of healers seeks to recapture the healing energy of the Christ. They regularly see healings. DIVINE ENCOUNTERS: Our team of Spirit practitioners will take you on a journey where you will experience something of the profound peace of heaven or its bliss and joy. SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS: Blessings have great power to encourage people on their spiritual journey. Our team releases impressions received from the Spirit. These give you a unique glimpse into your destiny as you seek to take the next step forward into the light. DREAM INTERPRETATION: From years of experience we are convinced that the Spirit speaks to us in dreams far more than we realise. Our trained team can assist you to make sense of your dreams by drawing out the life-giving dimensions of the visions that come to us in the night. --------------------------- Open Friday & Saturday 1-3 pm NO CHARGE & NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED

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