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Daylesford Visitor Information Centre

Daylesford Visitor Information Centre

98 Vincent St  Daylesford VIC 3460
9.00am – 5.00pm 7 days a week (Closed Christmas Day)

Ph (03) 5321 6123

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Tarot, Clairvoyant, Palmistry and Hand Readings by the best and most experienced readers.
Daylesford Tarot Readers ...a warm and welcoming atmosphere...
...a warm and welcoming atmosphere... while you wait for your reading in our eclectic book store... ...our friendly staff will help you make a choice for your reading or for a purchase for your well-being...
Daylesford Tarot Readers

Address: 107 Vincent Street
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Tel: 03 5348 8000

Tarot is the ancient art of reading with the use of cards ...wonderfully, colourful cards trigger the archetypal imagery from the brain's 'library' of images ...intuition plays a huge role in accurately reading the cards and most of our readers have clairvoyant and clairsentient skills. Palmistry and Hand Reading is another ancient and revered science ...the study of the hands is akin to reading the road map of a person's life story ...hand and finger shape, texture, size and complexity of the lines of reference in a person's hand are all taken into consideration when reading. 15 minute Palmistry only $30.00 30 min Tarot and Palmistry $60.00 45 min Tarot and Palmistry $85.00 60 min Tarot and Palmistry $100.00 'In House' groups minimum 2 hours and maximum 10 persons $210.00 a relaxed session around the table in your accommodation. Larger groups would require more readers and so please contact us directly for an estimate of time and tariff.

gallery ...welcome to 'the readers' & 'earthly rites'
We run a series of workshops through the year and will be updating our news space regularly for your information ...Penny