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Daylesford Visitor Information Centre

Daylesford Visitor Information Centre

98 Vincent St  Daylesford VIC 3460
9.00am – 5.00pm 7 days a week (Closed Christmas Day)

Ph (03) 5321 6123

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Liena’s Kitchen Shop 1/47 Vincent St, Daylesford Vic. 5348 1613 All of our food is homemade using quality seasonal ingredients. (vegetarian vegan Gluten-free available on request…) Traditional north-western Chinese poached dumplings, Yum-cha style gourmet dumplings, Steamed Buns Gluten-free dumplings available on request… Yun ton soup Fried rice Noodle of the day Chunky hot pot dishes (All gluten free.) Home-made Oriental deserts Traditional Chinese tea Learn and observe the rituals of traditional Chinese tea ceremonies. Demonstrations on request
Liena's Kitchen liena's kitchen
liena's kitchen traditional home made chinese cuisine traditional chinese tea
Liena's Kitchen

Business Address: 1/47 Vincent Street, Daylesford
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Address: 1/47 Vincent Street, Daylesford
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Tel: 03 5348 1914

Liena Li: An Introduction Born in Dunhuan, a city in the West of China, famous for its’ history and cultural heritage, Liena’s father was Chinese from the Eastern province of Hunan and her mother, Russian. In her earlier years she graduated with a major of fine arts from China Teaching University and since immigrating to Australia in 1985 has utilised her studies undertaking work in design as well as tutoring in Fine Arts and Chinese. Liena has many talents, and her hard work and involvement sharing these passions with us are what makes her such an asset to the cultural enrichment of the community at large. In the following paragraphs we will explore some of Liena’s varied and vast talents. If you are looking for Liena you will probably find she is practicing one of her many skills; cooking, teaching and communicating, playing the Gu Cheng (Chinese harp), hosting her radio talkback show, sculpture, painting, Tai Chi, fortune telling and enjoying the art and practice of tea drinking. Since 2000 Liena has been hosting live to air radio programs for the Melbourne Chinese language frequency 3CW (AM1341). Programs such as Liena’s Kitchen, Lee Kum Lee’s Liena’s Kitchen, Tea Culture and A Broard Perspective On The Arts have all been well received by Liena’s radio audiences and have earned her quite a reputation. Referred to affectionately as a presenter that ‘…cannot be tripped up by any question.’ In these shows she shares her deep knowledge of Chinese Cuisine and tea culture and gives guidance to others in their practice of these arts. Liena has had her recipes and articles published in Chinese language publications such as Advertising Weekly, Advertising City, Asian Voice Weekly and Same Way Magazine. This coupled with her presence on the airways has made Liena a household name within the local Chinese community. Since being elected as committee president of the Australian International Food and Culture association in 2007 Liena has been able to contribute more zest to the richness and diversity of Australia’s mixing pot of cultures. Liena’s public profile isn’t only limited to radio and publication; having hosted an English version of Liena’s Kitchen on channel 31 (in varied time slots) she has been educating audiences about the culinary arts since 2006 and since 2006 has watched this show enjoy widespread popular appeal. The success of this program has come from Liena’s mastery of Chinese cuisine and her ability to explain its’ complexity simply in an engaging and lively fashion. Liena’s Kitchen has also been syndicated by other stations around Australia for further broadcast. This will enable Liena further opportunity to convey the exquisite, holistic and intriguing nature of Chinese cuisine to a welcoming Australian audience. Off screen as well as on Liena gives cooking demonstrations and practical lectures on the art of cooking and has been invited to many festive events by different Chinese communities and to commercial districts both small and large. Internationally Liena has represented world famous food enterprises on numerous occasions and has travelled by invitation to various restaurants in cities such as Hong Kong, Macao, Xinhui, Tianjin, Hangzhou to not only sample food but to give guidance and tuition. As well as this she has been a guest of the French International Food Festival to perform demonstrations. Many times she has been invited to play the Gu Cheng (Chineses Harp) and to perform Chinese folk dance at Multicultural Square, The Melbourne Town Hall and Crown Casino Theatre and Grand Conference hall just to mention a few. Enjoy your time at Liena’s Kitchen! As you can see she is a very busy woman! Text courtesy of: The Australian International Food & Culture Association Translated by: Jason Short Edited by: Maddison Trezise

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